Meltdown in Manhattan, read all about it!

Immortal mortar murder morphing metropolises to Mordor!

Does that ring a bell, m’lord?


I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose

aimed at the ground like a beachcomber

scanning for scraps amidst the wreckage, restless

air raid sirens akin to birds chirping in the aching morning through a mega-megaphone

on a loop that doesn’t end

like a vile roller coaster designed to rip bile from the intestines


An opera of screams. Shroud the cityscape,

shadows and candles. Blue hour. Evening news is the new

Evening blues. Thieves and crews of first responders responding too late.

Too late like the warning. Too early like the bomb. On time

Square. Circle and line

on the wall. The word is big.

Fire is huge.



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English Major at Temple University. Best Fiction Award-winner at the 2016 ACCC Comm Awards. Published in the 2017 edition of Rewrites Magazine.

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