Don’t go swimming in that lake you’ll come out smelling like a toilet

My mother had told me at the campsite

I heard bullfrogs chirping for the first time at night

I heard chickadees croaking in the morning

I saw a cricket swell to four times its size and explode in a teacup

I saw a locket underneath the water so I waded in

My mom waited in the submarine

My dad was wearing a mariners jersey

My parents have never been together in my lifetime

My father is a Phillies fan

Was a Yankees fan

Was a yankee in the civil war

Was a civil war within the household

A civil dispute

Settle it in civil court

In family court I pled guilty

They hauled me off to the gallows on the spot

They hung me like a wet shirt

My shirt was wet I sweated through it

My shirt was wet I never knew it

My shirt was wet from tears

From blood

From the cut above my eye and mud

From sea to shining sea

From me to you, beneath my shoes,

above my antennas

Above my line of sight

Above and beyond

To infinity

And below.


Published by


English Major at Temple University. Best Fiction Award-winner at the 2016 ACCC Comm Awards. Published in the 2017 edition of Rewrites Magazine.

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