Meltdown in Manhattan, read all about it!

Immortal mortar murder morphing metropolises to Mordor!

Does that ring a bell, m’lord?


I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose

aimed at the ground like a beachcomber

scanning for scraps amidst the wreckage, restless

air raid sirens akin to birds chirping in the aching morning through a mega-megaphone

on a loop that doesn’t end

like a vile roller coaster designed to rip bile from the intestines


An opera of screams. Shroud the cityscape,

shadows and candles. Blue hour. Evening news is the new

Evening blues. Thieves and crews of first responders responding too late.

Too late like the warning. Too early like the bomb. On time

Square. Circle and line

on the wall. The word is big.

Fire is huge.




Standing at the station in Absecon

with a heavy coat over my suit and leather shoes submerged under snow

until concrete. Sing to me –

He says I’m living over city,

all the streetlights glow orange down here and nothing is

taller than the telephone poles.


Neon lights on the white

horse pike. My brother’s here to scoop me up

In the white ford he smashed at Sunoco on the yellow divider poles

the first time he drove it with me

riding shotgun.


I’m swaying on the platform swigging

an expensive bottle in cheap pants

and red socks with bulldogs wearing Santa hats on em.

This old dog ain’t about to forget

barking up the wrong tree until the cyan sun set

and baked it’s initials into the ozone layer.

Oh, zone out and see me seeing you on the train back home

out the window at night

when black trees block everything but Christmas lights


I’d break the lights in here for some shutters

for some shuteye

for some-

Shut up.

Foursome at the lounge later.

Bring Valvoline and as many stuffed animals as you can.

We’re getting freaky.



E&J and cherry coke.


Remember singing in the tunnel?

Remember the acoustics?


Another sip.

The bottle is a jacket, don’t need no koozie.


We need your camera, Cass.


Don’t go swimming in that lake you’ll come out smelling like a toilet

My mother had told me at the campsite

I heard bullfrogs chirping for the first time at night

I heard chickadees croaking in the morning

I saw a cricket swell to four times its size and explode in a teacup

I saw a locket underneath the water so I waded in

My mom waited in the submarine

My dad was wearing a mariners jersey

My parents have never been together in my lifetime

My father is a Phillies fan

Was a Yankees fan

Was a yankee in the civil war

Was a civil war within the household

A civil dispute

Settle it in civil court

In family court I pled guilty

They hauled me off to the gallows on the spot

They hung me like a wet shirt

My shirt was wet I sweated through it

My shirt was wet I never knew it

My shirt was wet from tears

From blood

From the cut above my eye and mud

From sea to shining sea

From me to you, beneath my shoes,

above my antennas

Above my line of sight

Above and beyond

To infinity

And below.